Small Web Project Done

Finished working on Canon’s EOS Academy microsite today. It is a small scale project that I have been working on for 10 days. This microsite is about EOS Academy course offering where Canon run it’s training and coaching programme for DSLR savvy people.

My task is to revamp the whole site rewriting whats not readable by search engine to readable ones. Being a ‘true organic’, this site has no flash.

I am not a believer in flash despite the fact that many Malaysian company websites love flash, surprisingly the west had scrapped Flash leaving it to modelling and photography portfolios employing them. No only that, I never learn them too therefore my emphasis on all my upcoming web projects are centralized on organicly built websites.

I am supposed to finish them yesterday but the flickr plugin testing turn out to be shambles and it dragged my hours of work. All the plugins are very amateurish and none of them suits the placement in my project. I have to opt them out by shifting to Jquery instead.

My tasks for this small scale project includes;

  1. Mockup & framewiring
  2. Rewriting
  3. Photoshop
  4. CSS coding
  5. Testing
  6. SEO & SM

The project stripped away 98% of the original files, leaving only a measly javascript file to run as year updater. The CSS coding is 100% new and fluid. All the raw HTML tables had been stripped as well giving way to fluid CSS tabling.

I added SEO for value and lightbox effect for enlarging images. With frontpage slideshow running Jquery, I had other pages with monochorme pics to fit the team of each page. I added some social media networks that Canon had as proxies on the frontpage. Buttons sliced from Photoshop. All colors used are tri-colors – white, Canon red and grey accent.

This project will be presented by Bee in her meeting soon. Hopefully it will turn out well.<

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