Sunday Stroll

Summer is officially here and Plymouth was in a carnival mood. Artemis Transat officially kicked off in the morning and I didn’t manage to catch the moment due to some work. Still not putting off hope, I went to the venue in the afternoon only to find massive of thronging local as well as visitors populating each public place available.

Bars, restaurants and cafes are full and small lanes are pack with people, not forgetting heavy presence of the police too. Unsure why but the atmosphere was joyous with no signs of trouble whatsoever.

I wondered from Sutton walking up to the waterfront hoping to catch a glimpse of any posh yacht for exhibit. But to my disappointment, I couldn’t find any not even promo yachts that was normally available around the marina to promote the event.

Ended up in the cafe at the far end and chatted away with CJ passing some time. Here are some shots along the way. Nothing special, but serve as another practical session for me.


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