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4th Anti-Toll Hike Protest
Date: Sunday 4 February 2007
Time: 1600hrs
Venue: IOI Mall, Puchong
Organiser: PROTES

The one thing I love about the internet is the freedom to read any shiznit that you like without being monitored by 3rd party eavesdroppers, rhetoric crap talkers & so called ‘goodie good’ citizen enforcers. So literally no one can control the shiznit that you read, and the shiznit that I am gonna cover here you simply won’t get them in any mainstream controlled newspaper in Malaysia. Not The Star, or even Utusan. NSTP? Need to say more!?

So the PROTES guys did it again, this time in IOI Mall, Puchong a middle class to upper middle class residential area in Selangor. I was surprised with the amount of coverage covered by many freelance ‘freedom messengers’ that have made use of the media, skills, capability and space that they got from the net to spread the news that our mainstream media won’t do – reporting the truth. (Not sure if their reporters are even there for the coverage!)

These shiznits that you gonna see can only be obtained if you are actively scouring sites like Youtube or reformist blogs for the latest happenings in our local political scene. Otherwise, don’t expect the mainstream medias to spoon-feed you with these. Till you rot on your bed-sit if you are away from home, you ain’t gonna get hot news like this.

That is why I enjoy reading both sides of the story from the protagonists and the antagonists. It sort of give you a balanced feel and experience that you need, and if you happen to ‘muster’ both sides of the sources, you have already completed a cycle of one single daily news coverage in Malaysia!

So what happened on that eventful day?

IOI Mall, Puchong – right beside LDP expressway.

The PROTES guys congregated in front Starbucks IOI Mall. Surprisingly the police are also nearby having lunch in a new unleased shop lot. Then the group walked towards the road but only to met with small resistance of FRU.


[Protesters met with minor resistance]

Then they gathered on the side of the highway. PROTES guys then make speeches between the pedestrian overhead bridge and the mall’s car park. Dr.Hatta made his first speech.


[Protesters reassembled between the highway and pedestrian overhead bridge followed by Dr.Hatta’s speech]

The police was agitated and Subang OCPD, Fuad talked to the organising leaders and ordered them to disperse or face arrest. Fuad did say ‘violently’ which means to remove everyone by force if they do not disperse.

[youtube]vS96h7SYaf0< [/youtube]

[OCPD & organisers negotiating]


[OCPD says the word ‘violently’ as in removing protesters. Samseng!]

The organisers (Cikgu Bard & Tian Chua) was unpleased and pleaded so that each NGO’s represented was given opportunity to talk. Fuad still says NO. The negotiation goes on until Ronnie Liu starts his speech.


[Ronnie – “Tol tidak adil, kalau tak adil buat apa kita mau protes di sini”]

If you look at Ronnie’s speech, I think this dude is cool. He even chanted reformist slogans in Chinese, and you can see non-Chinese alike, young and old chant them together with their Chinese counterparts. Very breathtaking muhibbah spirit.

< [youtube]yIE-itYxo0k[/youtube]

[Tian’s speech and Fuad ordered his henchmen to start arresting]

Plainclothes SB, FRU and ordinary personnels start assaulting and detaining protesters harshfully and forcefully. Crowd start to chant ‘Polis Ganas!’ (Police is brutal).


[Some hysterical makciks yelled at the cops! (This is my fave clip).]

More yells – “Oi’s!” and “Woi’s!” to the police. And hear the women scream and yelling. That is what I call “inspirational”!

Tian Chua – “In the scuffling, more than 20 people arrested, including Mat Sabu, Jasmine, YB Salehuddin, and myself. We were separated from the crowd, with the intension to halt the demonstration. But the people remained defied; they stood still and showed no sign of willingness to disperse.”

Some leaders were arrested, and the crowd showed no signs of dispersing. Yet, Ronnie Liu & Teng Chang Kim tells Fuad to release the detainees if he wanted them to disperse peacefully. The protesters knew the police won’t give in easily by releasing them on the spot.


[Ronnie & OCPD Fuad negotiating]

Copters are right above the scene surveying and Teng Chang Kim still in talks with the OCPD and SB’s for the detained to be released.


[Copters on surveillance and Teng Chang Kim negotiatiating]

No compromising signs from the boys in blue at all.

Tian Chua – “However the SB refused to release anyone, they insisted that those arrested must be taken to the police station. Some a dozen people were then taken to the Puchong police station just opposite the Mall. I was not taken together. Ezam accompanied those arrested, but at the police station he too was declared arrested.”

The crowds start mobilising crossing the overhead bridge to the other side of the road in front of a row of business centres and immediately congregating at the roadside chanting profusely.


[Thronging crowd mobilising]

Tian Chua then addressing the crowd and make his stand by telling that they will wait for the detainees to be arrested. He did mention about the dispersal but loyal supporters waited with their leaders and chanting slogans and waving placards to motorists.


[Tian & supporters, and of course the nosy boys in blue]

The cops still keep a watchful eye buy dispatching more personnel’s. Even to wait at the roadside was also seen as an intimidation by these boys in blue. But the crowd stood longer then when they were outside the mall few minutes before that.

[youtube]9d5mqQja0pA< [/youtube]

[Scenes of the traffic and supporters]


[More chants – “Bangkit bangkit, bangkit rakyat!”]

Cops starts intimidating the crowd with soon a heavy presence of FRU armoured trucks with full-geared personnel’s. Chanting continues.


[More chanting and dispersal orders afterwards]

Officer ‘Ng’ warning his subjects in broken BM?

Tian Chua being arrested ‘politely’ with penuh berhemah dan sopan santun dan berbudi bahasa.

Rakyat’s money spent on lethal gears to kick own rakyat ass. So rakyat basically funded their own ass-kicking sessions.

Words of wisdom from Astrosurge – “cowards hide behind shields of lies and deceit while the courageous hide behind powerful words.”

New kids on the block.

“Captain Justice” – “Kapten Keadilan”

Snoop Dogg & Akon reincarnated – “I Wanna F*** You” (what he mean is he want some serious ass-biting)

The crowd waited but being mobilised from different spots as they were intimidated by the boys in blue. After nearly 3 hours later the 15 detainees were all being released after going through the typical boys in blue mundane procedure.

So when is the next 5th demo? I don’t know. Peace demos are ok as long there’s no violence and kudos to the supporters who keep it that way.

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