Sorrow Via the Webcam

Is Chinese New Year, and I’m still stuck in here. Air ticket sold so fast like hot cakes. I did my ticket hunting in November, and the tix are all booked up till January. Even February’s tix is scarce and pricey. I think i am gonna miss this CNY trip home again this year.

Meet up with my cousins via the webcam. Chat about camera. Feeling really homesick while chatting with them. Sis and mom, everyone in the house enjoying the holiday season while I am sitting ducks in my quiet room in a quiet flat in a quiet January winter. It still feels a bit Chrismasy over here in England, but heck, I rather be in the hot sun back home eating cakes and cookies and gamble all night with siblings and relatives.

CNY will be mine in 2010. Definitely.

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