A Council, A Sexist, A CCTV, A Skirt & An Angry Journalist

I know it’s a bit late, the scumbag has already apologised few days ago. But I bet it ain’t too late for a laugh! It’s video time people! Or should I say tube time..check this shit out, new vid in da house based on the Datuk Abu Bakar vs Journalists issue recently.


Let me know if;

a. The footage was chun!
b. The soundtrack was chun!
c. Everything chun?
d. Rubbish. But good laugh
e. Rubbish. Memang rubbish

If you guys curious about the song, the title is ‘I’m Sorry’ by ‘Cristian Storm’.

Let me know in your comments please…

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17 years ago

video cannot load =(

Me: Can le dear…ur streamyx buat hal kot?

17 years ago

Did you happen to borrow someone’s skirt and film yourself with a white underwear?

Me: Oooh, i dint realise i got so feminine thighs.. *winks at Miss Tee*

17 years ago

apa blame my streamyx?? u set it to private before this. so no one could watch it. after u un-private it, now it’s loading perfectly fine, and everyone can watch it.

eh, i oso wondering the same thing as Dean. did u??

Me: Ok la u win.

17 years ago

Where did u get so many thighs for tht video ?? Cool ler…