Anwar & Mahathir: Head to Head with Maria Ressa

This is the interview that all Malaysians have been waiting for – 2 prominent figure in Malaysian politics will come head to head in a double bonus interview conducted by Maria Ressa that is scheduled tomorrow in ABS-CBN Head of News and Current Affairs.

The interview will be broadcasted in ANC’s one hour special “Reversals of Fortune” and here are the excerpts from MT;

“Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim share their insights on global trends, challenges of leadership and their views about the Philippines.

The outspoken Mahathir dominated Malaysia for more than two decades as its Prime Minister. During that time, he became a key Asian and Muslim voice globally.

Widely credited with Malaysia’s economic and social success, he resigned from the ruling party on May 19 and continues to call for the resignation of Malaysia’s leader – and his anointed successor, Abdullah Badawi.

Anwar, on the other hand, was once Malaysia’s second most powerful man. Then his mentor, Mahathir turned against him and charged him with corruption and sodomy. He maintains his innocence even after serving six years in prison.

Now he has re-emerged as the man who helped engineer a stunning upset in this year’s March elections. He says he could call for a no-confidence vote and – perhaps – become Prime Minister before the end of the year.

Maria Ressa has reported on both men for nearly two decades on CNN. Like the phoenix, both leaders are again reinventing themselves.

Don’t miss “Reversals of Fortune,” Thursday (June 5), 8 pm, on ANC with replays on Saturday (June 7), 4 pm, and Sunday (June 8), 9 am and 9 pm.”


Program schedule here .

Source: Malaysia Today

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