Not sure if this happens to you guys but have you ever experience boredom-to-the-max (BTTM) ‘syndrome’? It gets me to a stage where I am just dead bored not knowing what to do. I can have plenty of time with lotsa ideas & plans but yet I have no idea of where to start or execute your plans.

For instance, I wanna cook something special to treat myself for the weekend, a homemade dish which I crave alot, yet I procrastinate & deliberately ‘forget’ about doing it. It came to a stage that I made promises to myself to go & get the ingredients tomorrow, yet I ‘fly kite’ & end up eating cheapo quickie food just to avoid being hungry. Now, I am still craving for that same ol’ bloody favorite food. Damnit.

When I play a game & lost a campaign 3 times in a row I just give up. I end up installing another game, played & lost again & ending up installing another game & playing, & not going anywhere further in the campaign! Thus I end up installing 3 games with ‘half tank’ of success each. And I’m already bored again, & the redundant games fills up my hard disk.

There are times when I feel like blogging something interesting, with lotsa pics, vids & yadas to ‘wow’, but endup making stupid funnies. I know I like comedy, but sometimes it just gets too gibberish. Like end of last week I was supposed to blog about women – a summary of events happened in the press last week happens to centre a lot about silly antics of women. I thought about compiling them & make a ‘set’ of comedic funnies dedicated to it plus a composition. And I end up procrastinating even though I have prepared the resources ready – bam! Now it was the week after so no point now even if I feel like publishing it..

I plan to jog but always make excuses. There’s a nice park near by house called Freedom Fields Park, just end of my street 5 minutes away but yet I’m too lazy for it even though I’m tempted to do so cos the scenery is nice & it was a lovely recreational area to be honest.

When I was about to get enthusiastic, by evil side will tell me ‘hey the weather is cold outside, so don’t go out or you oughta catch cold’ or ‘ hey, that area is infested with yobs, you might get harassed as you jog’ or ‘hey, the bed is comfy, why not take a nap & wake up near dinner’ & the fucking list go on – damn you devil! So at the end of the day, I haven’t even had my jogging socks on, yet I’m already surrendering myself to my present hunky-dory comfies.

I ran a few other website projects. The thing that bothers me is the template update. I always make attempts to workout a new template, mod it or just start from scratch. But I’m just too lazy to start. At times I like enhancements in my CMS sites, but lazy to test the add-ons even though I am done downloading it & even installing it. The thing about add-on they are not 100% stable. So do expect some bugs in it.

At times you need to launch your DW & do some tweaking yourself to correct errors or just to make it suit your needs better. Is like dissecting a frog when you are drowsy. The BTTM in me always manage to find reasons not to do it by giving excuses such as ‘later’, ‘maybe tomorrow’ & at the end of the day I will just scrap the whole idea & leave it back to square one. Talking about productivity, this one really suck big time.

I found an article that was based on a survey made in a university in Buffalo, N.Y that claims – a 45 minute small talk with someone you have just met can ‘cure’ boredom for the inquisitive bunch. Not that I don’t believe, unless the respondent is a chatty female that goes on & on till the break of dawn. LOL. That would never happen as a conversation takes two to tango.

The study also suggest that to cultivate curiosity & prevent boredom, we must step outside of our comfort zone (my case forget my hunky-dory comfies) to seek out & try new things & the tips are;

“Expect to be nervous. Anything novel involves some anxiety and challenge,” by Todd B. Kashdan, Ph.D. – I don’t think it may work if your brain is half dead & your spirits are semi-existent (or non-existent)! All those mood & sense of curiosity just wouldn’t appeal to those novelty anymore.

“Follow your passion. Were you singing and dancing in the theatre parking lot after you saw Chicago? Take a jazz or hip-hop dance lesson.” – Hey I am moodless & I beg pandemonia get outta my sight!

“Focus on fun, not perfection. You’ll enjoy a fiction-writing workshop more if you’re not pressuring yourself to be the next J.K. Rowling.” – Not if I am a Hobbit DOH.

“Buddy up. Not brave enough to take on a class by yourself? Recruit a friend to go with you.” – Yeah right – friend. My circle is shrinking man!

Ah, I just be better off being my bored self again thou. Hit the sack! Hellyeah-llujah me heart me comfies *dote dote pillows*

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17 years ago

ermm i think you need a girlfriend LOL

Dean Arif
17 years ago

Hahahaha… Agree with Sharon.

Go get laid!