Great Desktop Challenge

I was tagged by Unca Paul this morning about the ‘Great Desktop Challenge’ – showin’ off wutcha got on your desktop. Is nothin new but I don’t really have nice desktop to show lah to be honest as I don’t have the habit of changing desktop wallpapers. My longest desktop wallpaper displayed usually can last for 4 months to half year. Anyone wanna beat my record of displaying the longest??

By the way Unca Paul, thanks for tagging me. Here goes;

Ye olde & traditional lah what say you Unca Paul? And to all you soon-to-be victims, here’s how the challenge works:

Minimize everything (as in all windows) until you only see your desktop. Now look at your keyboard and look for the key that says “Print Screen” (Prnt Scrn on some keyboards). Press that once. Open your fave graphics editor (I’m using my Kedai Foto a.k.a PhotoShop :D)

Post that up on your blog. Lets see the amazing plethora of desktops that you fellers have. And to get this challenge tagged along, I would like to tag;

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17 years ago

Sweet! nice one wong. simple. just nice

Me: 747 is tarikh keramat baybeh!