Malaysian First, Not?

Malaysia’s No.2 just stated that it was okay to be one’s race first rather than being Malaysian. Then the first, who was the mastermind of 1M also reiterated his deputy’s claim that being one’s race first is okay.

When we were abroad, I was once ‘told’ that it is unwise to say that we are being one’s race first followed by our nationality. I understood them very clearly even without the advice I am more than proud to say that I am a Malaysian first rather than being a Chinese.

During my stay in UK, whenever I was approached by someone who asked me what am I, without hesitation I will tell them I am a Malaysian. Only if they question why I shared the same trait and features like my mainland Chinese counterpart, I would just offer them a pep talk down memory lane of how my ancestors made their way to Malaya daring the treacherous storm and gales in search of finding a new life in a foreign land.

The most upsetting thing is the very same person who is promoting unity and integration among all Malaysians are offering an ‘alternative’ and a choice (an unwise one) to discreetly ‘denouncing’ ourselves as Malaysians first.

Hello Mr.No.1. You have just undo what you have done through all those 1M rhetorics that you and your machinery have been working hard to promote them. Shame on you for not leading a good example as a leader. Shame in shambles.

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