Mentoring For Startup

As registration comes near, I was tad worried about whether or not I am doing it the right way. Just to follow my gut feeling today, I decided to do abit of Googling about some mentoring online. Of course I couldn’t afford to subscribe and pay for mentoring costs just yet, so I was wondering whether or not, the alternative called ‘free’ does exist for mentoring.

The result is I did found 3 mentoring sites, and I registered myself with The cool thing about YourMentoring is, it is free, and the rest required some form of fee before you could hook up with someone.

I browsed around Your Mentoring, and did find it easy to navigate with a huge database of expert needing advice and offering advice. in categories like internet & ecommerce, there were significant numbers of bigshots spearheading companies like CEO’s registering as mentors and finding mantees.

Mentoring is important for business startups, or should i put it – crucial. As for myself I have overwhelming worries about legal issues and the method of doing ‘it’ right. I just want some experts who can steer me to the right path of doing ‘it’ right. As I proceed further in the process, the shroud of worries had been cleared mostly, but there are issues keep popping up as the process of realising a company goes deeper.

I guess I will stick to my reading and hopefully some samaritan can be my mentor soon.

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