RMC’s Disturbing Ads

Saw this on TV and as a Malaysian I really felt insulted and plonkered by British media. Though I ain’t a Malay, this ad really insulted me straight to my face. What this ad trying to tell? Or what does it try to portray? All Malays (and Malaysians) are all terrorists?

I believe all Malaysians regardless of race felt insulted. I think Malaysians must unite and criticise the makers of this clip telling them loud and clear, that this kind of trashy propaganda is not needed here. Lets portray the Brit back that they are actually the ones who use similar ‘methods’ portrayed in their clip to humiliate and terrorise people in their lands where they invade and purge daily and not us.


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Susan from web developers

Sorry, but I did not see if that terrorist is a Malaysian… But I know, that people use to separate people into different “boxes” We here call it “boxing”. Like when all the Muslims you have in the box with name terrorists. Or Slovak´s are in the box really stupid people… And it is really visible and insulting when somebody makes a propaganda… Just like in the video…

Admin: You will know how it feels like if you were put in the same shoes as I am. By the way, that was just my personal opinion.

16 years ago

How can you equate this to every Malaysian? It is harmless. Just some guy speaking Malay. What’s the big deal? And don’t forget Malay’s are in Indonesia, Thailand and the Phillippines too. If he spoke in Mandarin would that mean that every Chinese would feel offended? Or only chinese in china? Or no one at all? What about if he spoke arabic?

Admin: I knew so well that he was speaking Malay, but due respect I know how to differentiate Malay accents from different regions in South East Asia. The Malay that he was uttering is obviously Malaysian Malay accent. The closest resemblance of that accent can be Bruneian Malay, but think again…will they The brits) diss Brunei? I don’t think so mate.

Put it in this way, how about if we in return make a clip using a Caucasean with a Cockney, Scrouse, Yorkshire or a Jenner accent brandishing sword or waving guns in the air, don’t you think the Brits will feel offended too? The Aussies wont, the NZ’s wont, nor the Yanks, but i bet the Brits will.

That clip was made in such a subtle way that it contains so many hidden meanings that only targeted audience could feel the drift, if you get what I mean.

Paul David
16 years ago

Whatever language the person spoke is besides the point. The point the creators of the video are missing is the fact that they could have conveyed the message of the ad without having the person to speak at the first place. Of course as a Malaysian I’ll be enraged to hear the guy speak like that.

Here’s the clincher, if he spoke in any language, someone would have been offended. Agreed with Wong, its pregnant with innuendos. By the way, the ad is going to be dropped: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/5/30/nation/21406761&sec=nation

Admin: Thanks for the Iacon backup. 😀

16 years ago

wei orang putih lahabau…lagi mau defend…kimak tol!