Underneath The Stars?

Test clip using this new audio plugin that is 🙂


This track is one of my favorite slowjam from Mariah’s Daydream album, Track 2, released in 1995! I was in form 5, gonna sit for my SPM exams that time & this song does bring lotsa nostalgic memories in that year. Let me know if this audio plays & works well in your browser.

By the way, tomorrow is the exactly 5 years of the eventful Sept 11 tragedy that the world will never forget. Where you gonna be? I will be at the Mayflower Steps in the Barbican tomorrow because there will be a rememberance ceremony by the pier run my the Mayor & City Council at 1.44pm. The ceremony will be attended by local dignitaries as well as their counterparts across the Atlantic. There will be armed forces, police, firemen, navy & also American expatriates residing in Plymouth will also be attending. Hope to get some pics for the showcase tomorrow.


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17 years ago

i want i want!
teach me how to do this 😀

17 years ago


Blek 😛
teach la.. i know u very good one 😛
*innocent smile*

17 years ago

but babe, sadly to inform you that the plugin is only WordPress compliant. So, migrate to WordPress la babe, i wait ya there.. LOL

17 years ago

ermm.. ok.. i’ll think bout it 😀
i started a new blog there btw 😉 still trying it out
so far liking the extra features better than blogspot but still trying to get used to it