Velu-ed YB Tak Be-Toll

I know I am in UK too long and I shouldn’t ‘menyibuk’ (nosy) on issues like this. As a Malaysian citizen I was very much sadden with the political and economic atmosphere that my fellow countrymen is experiencing and I have the rights to share the same disappointment like the rest of you too.

I was pretty much shocked when Tian Chua revealed that our most Velu-able YB, Samy has been lying to the ‘rakyat’ who voted and giving him mandate into believing that he, on behalf of the government was helping the rakyat to lessen their burden by compensating the concessionaire.

And sadly, that never happened because the government has already agreed to the toll rate, and all the subsequent increases based on a formula stated clearly in the contract with the concessionaire long ago. So that means, the govt via our Valu-able YB has been lying to us all the way.

The conclusion is;

  • + Rakyat got cheated
  • + Rakyat watched ‘wayang’ (movie)
  • + Rakyat’s road & transport burden was never been taken cared of.

Referring to the pic;

In the event that the Government imposes Toll for any class of vehicle for or during any Concession Year which is lower than the Agreed Toll for that class of vehicle for that Concession Year then the Government shall compensate the Concession Company, in respect of the relevant Concession Year when such action was taken (“the relevant Concession Year”), and for each Concession Year thereafter during which the decision of the Government continues to apply by paying to the Concession Company an amount certified by the Operation Auditors to be calculated in the following manner:

CA = S [AT x (2 x TV)] – TA where;

CA = the amount of compensation payable in respect of the relevant concession year

S = the summation for all classes of vehicles

AT = the agreed toll, as should have applied for the concession year proceeding the relevant concession year.

TA = the aggregate toll amounts collected by the concession company for the relevant concession year

The amount of compensation shall be certified by the Operation Auditors and shall be payable within ninety (90) days from the date of the joint certificate certifying such amount from the Operation Auditors of the end of the Concession Year.

Not sure if Samy himself understand the formula well but I bet instead of doing his maths he rather make his own ‘wayang’. Kudos lah YB (& BN), aku sungguh bangga dengan ko(rang) *ptui*

My partner in crime, Macan Hitam has produced an MV (joined and edited from others’ contribution) dedicated to the show of force and the ‘perjuangan rakyat’ in Sunway and Cheras recently. The background song of this MV is ‘Fight The Power’ rapped by Public Enemy.


Love when Velu-ed YB pic (in the vid above) was pelted with stinky eggs by the angry rakyat.

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17 years ago

hey thanks for the video. good for someone like me who wasn’t there. at least i have some idea what was going on.

yeah i like that part samy’s pic was pelted with eggs too. what if it is real…..

Me: He just need some stinky egg shoving thru his ass and mouth.