Social Media: A No Go Zone For Personal Revelation

Overly social can ‘kill’ you. This news is not surprising as the entire world of internet users are littered with vain, narcissistic and naive people. Believe it or not, that more than half, approx 52% of users in US have revealed too much of themselves than they should have.

Biggest mistake of all is revealing your real date of birth. I rarely reveal date of birth. Though if I have to, I will put FAKE date of births. Realistically fake or obviously fake is basically up to you. The only thing I gave leeway on this if the application deals with career building. Of course you ought to be silly if you are going to fake your date of birth in your CV right? Use some common sense!

I am not sure how this part can happen when they stated that 9% of social network users did experience some ‘form’ of abuse? My advice is not to fall prey too easy to other users who can easily coax you to this and that. However you can at least try to avoid or minimize risk of being a prey by continuously scanning your PC for virus and malwares. Stop entertaining SCAM sites and emails Learn how to differentiate genuine and fake emails and messages.

Cybercrimes are known to target people who reveal too much information, such as their full birth dates, photos and names of children, home address and when they will be away from home. This group is on the high risk of the most vulnerable to be targeted.

Whenever I register myself a new social media site, I will make sure that their privacy function is there. Facebook took the heaviest toll on all these attacks and do make use of every ‘lock-pad’ you see in Facebook. It will save you. I even categorize my friends very distinctly – known in real life and cyber ones are all marked very clearly. I even apply them in messages, profile and photos. Therefore, some close friends get to see some of my photos and the less closer ones like net friends get no chance to even have a peek on it at all.

In summary, STOP posting:

  • When you will be home or when you will be out
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