2 14th’s

Hui Jia Zhen Hao by Andy Lau literally means ‘Balik Lumah Manyak Syok’. Anyway..two 14ths, might not be important for me but it was important for two of my dear brother & sister. Read on to know why.

Sis is having her 1st SPM paper today, and brother is turning 24 today. May god bless our family at all times during the hard times & good times. I was thankful & blessed to have close siblings & wonderful parents. I hope that god would let me live long enough to see them happy & prosperous.

I am still unsure of what to give them as pressies. Sis has always been pestering me (hint) to get her a pair of Nike trainers. I think i might wait for X’mas bargain around the corner soon or maybe eBay? 😛 Bro is flexible. I guess he is old enough not to receive any presents LOL. That poor thing still have to hustle so hard with his new job, and had no spare time to go back to hometown even it was his birthday. That’s the life in the city – no one to spoil him. I bet mom will spoil him with all the goodies such as a home made icing cake, & home specialties if he can make it home. Damn, mom really does spoil us. Heard that he will be back only next year. Wish him well & best of luck in this 24 years of colourful & exciting life.

Damn, I’m missing home dearly. Remembered last year during this time when we as a family for one of the rarest moment planning to fly back to Indonesia for a superb family gathering in December. I just couldn’t wait for the day the date turned 4th Dec so i can fly back home to see my family last year. Dad was so excited that he wanted me to come back in style – with a Business Class ticket, sheesh..that old man 🙂 We rendezvoused at KLIA when i touched down; & immediately fly to Indonesia together on that same day.

It was breath taking & fun to have a complete family gathering in the mountain top in Tawangmangu, listening to granny’s old day stories & listening to Uncle Siew’s paranormal stories. I reminisce the days when we had a motor ride in Solo with cuzzies, hangout in a Indonesianised Pizza Hut, poking & teasing each other during bedtime at the resort, missed having fun snapping granny’s pics when she wasn’t prepared, missed their satay – the giant Ponorogo satay, missed Aunt Diana’s Indon style fried chicken & missed going for a spooky midnight meditation with Uncle Siew in a sacred Javanese royal tomb spring in Kediri, missed CNY in Malaysia as usual – reunion with all cuzzies who are ‘so’ grown up already, many graduated & some coupled..some even wanted to get married already. Damn..im old now since all of them are younger than me. Missed my dogs. Missed home cooking. Just seem to miss everything & anything.

Sigh, i just missed home.

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