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Who bloody says I can’t blog about family, yes I can…! Something from home by the way; here are some smuggled out pics of my cousin sister’s wedding a couple of days ago. Can’t believe that time has passed so quickly that we are all in our adulthood now and soon to settle down with loved ones (for those in courtship, not me of course). This cousin sister of mine was one of the brightest amongst our cousins as she always excel with flying colors in her studies. Every family reunion, grandma will always compare her academic results with mine (since we were peers), which was less par compared to her of course.

Mind my sis. She is a nark (narcissist) who always pose on the same angle everytime.

At time I envied her too cos she is just too gifted and brainy her destiny was already assured with a smooth pathway be it studies or career ladder. She is one of the timid type who doesn’t mingle much during family reunions. Is not that she is trying to be anti-social, she was just like that, an introvert type. Different from her brothers who were the hyper bunch – Inn Beng is our taikor among cousins, very gangsta like but kind at heart, Inn Choon was blurr and Inn Kuang was the bubbly one.

Something on the cuzzie’s side & cuzzies & yum-singhs (ye’ ol chinese toast till ya drunk)

I remember during school holidays during our childhood days, we used to wreck their Teluk Intan house with them playing hide and seek. Trying daredevil stunts on the garden swing, and agitate their German Shepard dog that guards their bungalow, and squeezed ourselves in our uncle’s old Volkswagen to the town’s supermarket. But Yen doesn’t join much cos we are indeed bunch of a barbaric monkeys; just to uncivilized for her to join in (LOL). She will only join in for some games that doesn’t involve constant adrenaline rush like us.

When I embarked to my own journey to UK, she was already during her masters and soon became a prodigy of her apprenticeship, and soon met her man.

Anyway to Lee Yen, wish you all the best in your marriage and future endeavours! Sorry can’t make it there cuz! Pay me angpows for a miserable bachelor like me in my next trip back home. Like old saying says;

一梳梳到尾,(First combing, together all your lives)
二梳百年好合,(Second combing, harmony in your marriage)
三梳子孙满堂,(Third combing, blessed with many children and grandchildren)
四梳白发齐眉。(Fourth combing, blessed with longevity.)

Fifth combing, be kind with your angpows for us miserable bachelors!!

Their gallery.

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17 years ago

phew it~~~ u’ve got a pretty sista there 😛