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iPad has taken the gadget and internet scene by storm. Apple has done a good job so far making ‘personalized’ devices with ‘i’ this and ‘i’ that making it almost instantaneously irresistible to own them. So what the heck is iPad? Well, it is not your monthly padding for god’s sake. This is a revolutionary 8×10-inch tablet computer that soon to amalgamate every existing gadgets on this planet earth.

This pad is going to be your gaming console, smartphone, laptop and ipod in a single package, minus..yes wait. Minus camera, cam and flash plugins.

Anyhow, you can scream and shout now, but there is more to brag about this thing.

iPad was made to suit everyone, just like the same ol’ lame rhetorics of newly released publicity stunt. For those who are regular surfers, iPad had a browser for that and wifi is not a problem. Safari’s runnin’ I bet? Cam freaks will have this worthwhile organising photos of their snapshots, gamers will have this as a workstation to shoot em’ up while upbeat music fans will have this device as their jukebox partner.


Not only that, iPad comes with office package complete with spreadsheet and word processor for you to work on. Email fellas will have a nice time fiddling through the inbox of this built in email client and the rest is self evident. iPad is simply a junkies’ way out of boredom.

Curious about the size? Those who is familiar with FHM and The Source will be rather surprised to have iPad cloning the sizes of the latter. This device comes with some flavors, I mean sizes – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The price starts from $500 to $700, for strictly WiFi internet and $600 to $850 for a combination of WiFi & AT&T’s 3G Wireless.

The heart of the operation for iPad is similar with it’s iPod Touch counterpart, they call it the iPhone OS. iPhone OS is a robust OS successfully designed for touch-screen. The only downside of this OS is it does not like multitasking and therefore each application can only run one at a time.

The other ‘i’s be it iPhone or iPod, they were made to interconnect with iPad. You can start having a sync party with each of those devices syncing whatever you can find -song files, movies, spreadsheet and word processors files, pdfs for your ebook and many more.

With this release, iPad has just rekindled itself as par as other contenders like Amazon Kindle, Fusion Garage JooJoo, Netbook computers, portable e-readers, Asus Eee PC. Though the design looks brittle and alien to majority who are well acquainted with thick blocky bodied gadgets, iPad is no miss for those who just love apple or love catching up with the pleasantries of what this pad can offer.

Here are the quotes of the mainstream media about iPad;

“Laptop Killer? Pretty Close” – Wall Street Journal
“Verdict is in on Apple iPad: It’s a winner”
– USA Today
“Apple’s iPad: The Mothership Prepares for Launch”
– Time
“Reviews: Love It or Not? Looking at iPad From 2 Angles”
– NYTimes
“iPad is pure innovation – one of best computers ever”
– Chicago Sun Times

Convinced? Here is your chance to get iPad, only for a limited time;-

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