So its Halloween, no big deal. Not that I celebrate it or what but this week was absolutely a ‘suey’ week that I ever had in 2006. While people was out trick or treating and get pelted by rocks and attending fancy dress party in the city’s nite spots, I was enduring a Hallowjinx week for few consecutive days in the week leading to Halloween.

First, my motherboard fucked up. My motherboard fucked up right after UK daylight saving time changed (now 8 hrs diff) just few minutes after. It was a freakin Sunday! Gah! So a BSOD appeared with all its awe and glory summoning me to take care of its win32.sys shit with a STOP:0x0000008E message. 

Too fancy and scary to be your ideal SMS, trust me. Who the hell knows what was that? I didn’t owe win32.sys 5 billion for jinxed sake. BSOD insists that my PC must cease. So it ceased, just 3 more hours before the break of dawn. PC shops don’t open on Sundays, thus I can’t get no replacement. Plus I’m not the impulsive type to go rushing up to the shop to get an immediate substitute for no reason.

I resorted in using engineering approach first to diagnose the problem by performing step-by-step part isolation process. The damage in this process does cost my time cos it is not only pulling parts out and test. It has to be cleaned as well as dusts does contain conductive particles that causes short circuit.

It was that tedious and boring thing to do. I had panda eyes next morning, woke up late and end up doing mundane stuff on a gloomy Sunday evening. Still unsatisfied with the first test, I managed to re-test the hardwares again and still obtained no results out of that effort. The PC still has no signs of life watsoever. I ruled out that my motherboard has completely died after quite a while in service. A replacement is imminent at this stage though.

Second, I hurt myself by pouring hot boiling water on my chest and arms. Talking about ecstacy..God knows. I was so careless that I tried to pour hot water in my coffee mug without pulling out the mains cord. So it jerked upon nearing my chest and the lid was thrust open.

It happened so quick that without me realising, I had wetted my shirt on my left chest as the result of the ‘hot shower’, and immediately I feel the intense burning pain on my left chest. Blisters then visible like a big red patch of gargantuan pox below my left neck, left chest and both my arms. I had a quick cold soak to cool the injuries down. Nice.

Third, just few hours before going to sleep couple of hours after the ordeal, I heard a mysterious knock on my window. I ignore it at first thinking that maybe there were some drunks on a night out passing by trying to cause trouble. As soon before I turn off my lights, I heard a whisper through the window calling my name. I pulled my curtain slightly and saw a familiar face.

God damnit. It was ML, an old friend who came long way from London for a quick appointment in the morning. He arrived at 4am and have tried to contact me but he couldn’t reached me so upon arriving he came to my house to seek refuge as the weather was rather chilly at that time. After some guy talk he took over my bed and left me bedless. I was unprepared for guests that night so I endup sleeping on my couch which wasn’t my ideal place of resting. Gah!

Fourth, I was late for some appointment as the result of last night’s uninvited guest. I was too sleepy and tired that my alarm had no effect on me. The result is, I gloriously overslept. Padan muka aku.

Fifth, at night something happened again. I break my favorite World Cup 2006 coke glass, special edition item. I was trying to charge my cellphone when the entangled cable around the glass pulled the glass off the table and made the greatest freefall it ever had to its demise. It shattered to pieces, so is my heart.

A fault, a burn, an interruption, an impunctuality and a break.

I was jinxed definitely.

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17 years ago

Cheer up.. !! Bro !

Me: Oi amoi, where u? Change ur blogspot addy again ka?

17 years ago

so sorry to hear about the series of unfortunate events 🙁
oh well, cheer up, think on the bright side and hopefully good things will come your way 🙂

Me: Thanks babe! Eh, tot u gonna type in German or Dutch eh?

17 years ago

no wonder u mia these few days!!

Me: Yea! ma-ma-MIA already!

17 years ago

Hey, try install Bad Behaviour to protect from spam!
This is the link: http://www.homelandstupidity.us/software/bad-behavior

Me: Yup, I got that long time ago ever since I launched my blog. I’ve got akismet as well..but still the spams get through. need to find other solution i guess…