Know Me, Know Me Not

Just ranting based on a discussion i had lately with D & H. Interesting though, I am not sure myself why we could come up with a topic of psychology & personalities that night. I never knew H is a good mind reader, yeap a ‘psychologist’. She says its part of her field (teaching) and yet she didn’t not delve deep into it but still be able to interpret what people’s behavior are like. So i decided to challenge her, alongside we Dave we nudge few questions of how well can she ‘see’ us.

It has always been fun to have people telling things about you but I never knew that her interpretations on me can be so crude, mysterious & abrupt as if she can foretell everything so accurately. There were things I can agree on when she lists out such as all the typical Leo traits but the things that I couldn’t agree was she claimed that when i am getting judgmental, my opinions can be crude. And she says, that act is a turn-off for the ladies. She added that I love to repeat things that goes in a loop with some exaggeration added on each loop. When I stood defensive she says I was trying to ‘cover-up’. As for me it may or may not be defensive looking at the situation & circumstances. I will apply them accordingly based on my logical judgment even though I am the disadvantaged one.

She ‘dismissed’ that allegation by the smirk on her face which does tick me off at some time. In some stage the discussion almost turned sour when I stood defensive on other issues such as she ‘claimed’ that I mold myself based on my zodiac traits. I deny that as I claimed that before knowing what Leo traits are like, i was already born like that & when I get to know more about zodiac, I kinda agree with the traits – good & bad. Among other stuff is she smell something sinister in me that turn the atmosphere sombre when I was explaining to her about my past friendships that was being betrayed. Is just human nature I guess when you were bitten once, you will shy twice. I believe in justice & I do admit that I do hold grudges to people but yet in the same time I’m apologetic if I’m wrong & welcomed apology with open arms no matter how serious is the damage that it has caused me. Is just that she claimed that it was sinister that I am overwhelmed & extremely pleased when justice was done on my behalf without me ‘taking part’ in it. She smell evil she says.

Overall, the debate was positive but i can say one thing, no one really understands me after all those interpretations was made. They can say me sinister or evil or whatever but i stand my grounds based on my life principles & justice.

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