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Prologue: The news served as my hors d’ oeuvres everyday by the Malaysian daily is not a nice one, is utterly nauseating!

So is 3 more days to our Independence Day, & I was ‘WOW-ed’ with this video as vigilant Malaysians has performed their ‘duty’ in exercising their authority to show that they are ‘independent’ enough to take justice in their own hands! This is what I call absolute ‘Power to the People!’ just like Stokeley Carmichael of the Black Panther Movement embraced. Kudos to that.

Genting Klang (near Setapak) – public ‘execution’

This incident was merely triggered by the frustration of public towards the police based on spate of incidents happened throughout the year. It was a burst of an outcry with an all-out rage. Is not a rage of one, but so many. This is justified by the ‘solidarity’ shown by those ‘executioners’ towards all the victims of snatch thieves. I am in their shoes, & I understand why they have reacted that way. I would have reacted in the same way just like them if I was present at the scene.

Well, is not those Samaritans to be blamed. It was the system, & the system is breaking down. When order is out of hand, civilians execute their role. The government have no rights to advice people not to condone such thing when they themselves cannot tackle the problem efficiently. Just let it go with the flow, & respect our angers if you think you are not imbecilic enough to teach us what we should or shouldn’t do. ‘Tepuk dada tanya selera’ lah!

We are ‘independent’ enough now, & we can take justice in our own hands as much as we want. Shut us not because we vote for you. If you don’t like you can step down, or lose majority in the next election!

An advice to fellow Malaysians, if you see them doing crime, catch them. If you got them, then whack them just like they did in the video! I will do the same if I was there with the crowd! I wouldn’t wanna miss an opportunity to uphold the laws using my own bare feet & fists. This video is a tribute to those snatch victims from Kuantan, Johore Bharu, Klang Valley, Penang & all over Malaysia who fall prey to these scumbags & the ‘system’!!

Rest in peace.

P/S: Amnesty International is not welcomed here. Read these & understand why average MALAYSIANS like us are SO ANGRY;

Kuantan (1) (2) (3)
Perling, Johore Baharu (1) (2) (3)
TAR College, KL (1) (2) (3)

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