Merdeka Ads…

NEVER FAIL TO IMPRESS…I always loved Merdeka ads, they are the best ads that stand out from the rest each time.  Well, this is a typical Proton ad & the scenario was re-enacted in the mid 80’s Malaysian primary school during the time Proton Saga – the first Proton model was released. The story centres around this orphaned Malay school boy named Aman, who is the troublemaker in the class.


“Aman The Delinquent”


His delinquency was a pain in his teacher’s ass & one day after failing his exam, his teacher decided to talk to him about his behaviour after being caught sabotaging his teacher’s new Proton Saga car in the school compound. It was that counselling that Aman received from his teacher that will change his life forever. He shifted to another school few days later.

Few years have passed & Proton itself went into transition from year to year that never fail to wow the school children whenever a new Proton car was driven through the school compound. It was one day Aman returned to the school – as a new trainee teacher. Upon meeting his old teacher he thanked him for helping him through life. They became good pals from there on. And of course, Aman was driving a Proton himself, that is the latest release of course.

Proton never fail to ‘sell’ in ads like these, at the same time nurturing Merdeka spirits to the younger generation – which is a good thing at least.

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