Borderless Ambulance

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Have you ever imagined that even emergency services has become borderless? I never knew such services existed after getting to know the existence of AeroCare. AeroCare is an air ambulance company based in Sugar Grove, IL but operates globally across borders regardless of where the patient is. This unique service has been granted full accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) on March 29, 2003 in full effect.

The commissioning allows AeroCare to travel anywhere around the world performing emergency evacuation & transportation of patients. The air ambulances are operated by R&M Aviation & FAA certified air carriers.

AeroCare specializes in medivac and air evacuation flights locally & internationally. The staffs are well trained & internationally recognised throughout the world. The company is very committed to its excellence via their state-of-the-art equipment & their highly trained medical personnel. Transported patients will experience first class treatment by their experienced medical staff ensuring the whole journey is comfortable & safe.

They have made more than 350 flights both locally & internationally to countries like Singapore, Mexico, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland & other destinations. With their 24 hour emergency response capabilities supported by their Flight Coordination Center , AeroCare can be summoned almost immediately to any part of the world.

Their dedication towards the patients welfare comes with the most cost effective price. As the company emphasis quality & commitment the most, patients will be dealt with full dedication by their well trained medical team by treating them as if they were part of the family & at the same time ensuring all aspects of transfer is in the smoothest & safest manner.

Customers can request quote via their website. The response can be dealt with almost immediately up to a month. It depends on the customer’s needs & arrangement whether the conditions is life threatening or not. From the quote, AeroCare could determine the best air carrier & personnel to use with effective arrangements can be made to cater the customer’s needs up to the best of quality & standard, thus ensuring the safest care & service delivered back are based on their customer’s request.

Life saving is no doubt a crucial situation that need to be dealt with as soon as possible, & with the existing of service like what AeroCare offered, more patients with special needs can be taken care off no matter where they are.

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