Dealing With Crap Webhosters

I learnt a big lesson today. A big lesson that all freelancers must take into consideration before composing their first contract with a potential client – their webhosting. Many freelancers are taking their client’s morality to seriously that they have forgotten that the people or services that revolves around that client can also be as bad as the client if not worse.

Still I am lucky that my client was alright which was god-sent, but their webhosting is one of the kind from hell. Why did I say from hell?

Say when you are subscribed to a webhost what do you expect of them? Tech support right? That is no.1 shit that most people will come forward when they are stuck. Just like my case, I was stuck because my client’s webhost is running on a Windows Plesk environment.

My CMS is PHP. Though it was stated in my client’s package that PHP was supported, that Plesk environment fail to give me satisfaction on running a PHP CMS within it’s domain. The CMS crashed upon install and does not work properly. Several attempts was made and at the end based on the error messages that I have received, I fired up an email to them.

A week has passed, and their bloody tech support made me wait. From the record that I have kept, the amount of time wasting from them has cost me 2.5 months of time-wasting. That spells shambles man.

Every counter replies will cost me another 2-3 weeks of wait. What fucking tech support was that? I am not naming names here but if you guys keen to find out, fire me an email. I am not risking myself being sued by some bloody timewaster who’s trying to act right.

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