Do You Understand Marketing Blog Correctly

Every internet marketing blog must have a plan, why it has been set up in the Internet. Is it a part of a bigger communication mix and if yes, what job it has?

The target of my internet marketing blog has been from the very beginning to act as a support center, i,e. to deliver useful and fresh information, so that my fantastic readers would do better profits.


The magic word, trust, is in the nutshell, what a marketing blog should build. The most effective building ingredients are honesty, freshness, interactivity, professionalism and related posts.

The trust comes through time and no one can buy it or order from Amazon. The trust is an image in the minds of the people, which they create little by little after they have read your writings.

2.A Blog Is Always Personal.

It is in a way a diary (which it is not). This means that when you write your post, the reader will always build a certain picture about yourself.

Because we internet business marketers are not Hemingways, the most important thing to the reader is that we write with the attitude that we want to help the reader. It is important to remember that no one wants to be an object of the sales pitch. So a good blogger must have a strong persuasion power.

3.Give Marketing Ideas.

That is the whole idea of the blog. Every single marketing person needs a constant flow of fresh marketing ideas to be able to reach his/her targets. The comments section includes normally also a great row of different ( and often critical ) marketing ideas.

4. Use Search Engine Optimization.

Optimized internet marketing blog posts can climb high on the search engine result pages, which brings a nice addition to the traffic. By doing the keyword research, you can reach nice results.

5.A Blog Is Quick And Easy To Use.

This feature is good and bad. Bad because so many have established a blog without proper planning and skills, but for those who have concentrated into blogging, it is really quick and easy tool for everyday usage.

6.An Internet Marketing Blog Pre-Sells.

I love the idea of pre-selling. If you look around you, it happens all the time. Your children pre-sells the idea of some new toy, your wife pre-sells the idea of a new, expensive trip and so on.

I argue that without pre-selling many nice idea would not be executed. The blog is a great place to presell ( because you cannot sell there ) lots of marketing ideas, which make the reader to click the link.

Source: YSMB

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