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(This is a paid post)

Parking in central London is tedious, and therefore driving in the city of London is really costly not only because of its congestion charges, but also the hassle of acquiring a parking space. Peasy.com works and operate only in London at the moment as the city is still struggling with its ‘unpopular’ traffic problem. That is what Peasy was founded for – to take care of your parking woes and also make parking easier for you by booking them and making money out of your space alternatively.

The service that Peasy implement works in two ways – first, is when you book and park (spending money) and secondly, is when you rent out your parking space (making money!). Wait a minute. Did I say rent out? Yes, I did. Which means by owning a parking space you can actually make money out of it by renting it out.

Before I digress to the second one, let me elaborate the first point. The first point is before you venture out and that is when your booking must be made in three easy steps; register on site, search for parking by the search function and finally book it based on your desired period of time and complete the payment. So, you venture out, leaving all your worries behind that no matter how hectic it going to get, you will definitely have a space ready.

The second method applies when actually own a driveway, garage or private parking space which was left unused. Instead of leaving it empty and unoccupied, you can let Peasy know about it, and let Peasy rent it out on your behalf and you earn money from there. The process is as simple as; registering on site, then add your space by letting Peasy know your address, your pricing (negotiable), availability and access permission.

Finally, you can manage your space by keeping track of your flowing in payments and details of your client’s parked vehicle, the time and other details so you know what to expect. The minimum payout is £30. Not bad after all as it generate side income for you as well!

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