Joy For Big Boi!

Warning: Photo extensive post.

Just to make this blogficial, Happy Birthday (again) Dave! And here are some funnies of the day.

Before things begin – Aeryn playing hard to understand & Joerg is playing hard to hack.

We played games – normal Jenga & telepathic Jenga. (too much of X-Men I guess)

Dave as always never fail us by being the most hospitable host for each gathering of our gang. From Summer BBQ’s to Guy Fawkes, from autumn gatherings to Xmas – his Glenholt home is da bomb.

A Turkish fish and a domain name…whats the connection eh?

We also played – MegaJenga that put your rescue workers on standby just in case

As for this first gathering of the year, many familiar faces such the Wolf’s and Souto’s are making a comeback to our gatherings as usual again after the winter holidays in their ‘kampongs’.

When a game of Twister go wrong.

Anglo Kawaii-ness

So, we can say that in our gang now there were 3 couples – CJ + Ivy, Joerg + Soomi and Antonio + Giselle. The pathetic bachelors are myself and Dave for the mo’ although **ahems** , I am ‘buidling’ a link with someone. you soon be left out big boi!

Birthday boi finalle that will exhaust him

Pressie opening – with some lewd obscenities. Thanks to the Soutos..

Group pic of the day

First gathering in 2007 was a blast!

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17 years ago

hahaha!!! lu memang pannai buat komik larrr!

Me: Tengkyu. Now only u noe ar?