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Cell phone packages have became so competitive these days that sellers tend to penetrate every inch of marketing opportunity as possible. From high street retails, to online shop and even to auction sites like eBay, they are ubiquitously everywhere.

I remember back in those days there was no such thing as a surplus cell phone shop. Even to get a cell phone is a tedious process as we have to be subjected a lot of credit checks, strict registration and tough requirements to meet. But now, cell phone can be acquired as simple as buying your sundry in the store.

Wirefly Mobile (Wirefly) is here to make the process of acquiring a cell phone much easier with their wide offerings. Wirefly is a cell phone inventory on its own where cell phones can be purchased with; a plan, but you need to stick to a 2 year contract and without a plan, no contract but with a reasonable price for newly introduced cell phones. All these are possible with Wirefly as they are pretty much flexible in their price plans because they understand the needs of their customers more than anyone else.

Wirefly is one of the leading independent cell phone and cellular retailers on the internet with awesome customer service such as free FedEx shipping throughout the States and they feature award-winning comparison tools with excellent ratings from Bizrate. Their reputation was so trustworthy even cellular giants like Nextel, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cingular and Verizon grant them privileges to act as an online agent on their behalf.

They are just as good as both bases; providing top range cellular makes and also offering top range airtime service to the customers. Both features makes Wirefly strong, unique and reputable in a sense that they are automatically your comprehensive provider and guru for all your cellular and wireless needs.

You can get top range cell phones in their top 10 with known popular makes such as Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile, Samsung and Motorola. Most of them are free or otherwise, a 2 year contract applies. You can quick to compare what make and price plan will be best tailored for you as all the details were already outlined for your ease of comparing before deciding.

Their website is very user friendly, where all details of sales was described well in plain simple language. You can compare phones based on airtime carrier, or view pre-paid packages or view phones by the make. There are 8 carriers with over 10 cellular phone make to choose from, and that is what I call extensive!

Their site is well affiliated with FedEx and Bizrate, both big names in delivery and customer service reviewer. Wirefly is also hugely reputable in eBay with nearly 2000 sales and yet maintaining 99% customer satisfaction. For new customers who haven’t got any idea or in doubt of the offerings that they offer, will immediately feel confident and positive by just understanding their reputation that they had already established. No doubt they are still making themselves no.1 solid cellular players on the net despite the stiff competition in the market.

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