Persecuted Rights

Average Malaysians has been persecuted again. It has only been the first month and we have been ‘served’ with heart wrenching and nerve wracking news of Malaysian bloggers being brought to court and also police brutalising peaceful demonstrators in Bandar Mahkota Cheras

I happen to Youtube around for some fresh videos, and managed to stumble across some clips as short as 2mins and as lengthy as 5mins. The main antagonist has always been our ‘beloved’ FRU (F***ers-R-Us) (as always); a sub-lined breed of a new franchise of ‘playables’ from Toys-R-Us.

The only difference is, they can ‘play’ with you, but you can’t play with them. Their job is ‘playing (roughing) up innocents as usual, and it has been the same bloody damn thing happen all over again. They are just so unpopular in our eyes.

Boiling? I admit i boiled.

It is really unfair to see peaceful-innocent protesters being roughed-up, dragged like stray dogs to the van, being denied access by all means necessary, being bullied by tearing off their clothing and shoes by means humiliating the detainee in public and also harassing victim by ‘gangbanging’ them.

Those occurrences remind me of the coward LAPD cops roughing-up Rodney King in 1992. I bet the coppers are as coward when confronted one-on-one melee combat. They are nothing but a bunch of licensed thug 100 times worst than the triads.


Boiling again? I admit i boiled 100x more than the above clip.

I just couldn’t believe that the 3rd demo ended up with some rough-ups and scuffles. It’s scary to imagine that Malaysians are slowly suffocating from this unhealthy political atmosphere. I’m just sick and tired of all these nonsensical rhetoric’s created by the ‘throne-seaters’ on top. They need to be overthrown as they are becoming more and more irrelevant to our climate. *shudders*

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