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Tired of mainstream & boring artists? Feel the need to discover new fresh talents? Then Unsigned Bands (Unsigned) is the right place for you whether you are the artist or the listeners. Unsigned benefit both sides as Unsigned Bands works as an intermediary to deliver new & fresh music from fan to fan. So if you are a talented new artist, Unsigned is the best platform to get your masterpiece heard.

The site is fresh where artists & listeners alike can register & login in their own sections. Navigation is neat & simple as there were clear categorisation based on music genres to suit your needs. You can browse through the site artist by artist or genre by genre. By clicking their thumbnails you can view the comprehensive profile of the artist & also listening to their song sample.

The advance search can be used to broaden your search based on your localities if you like. I am a big fan of hip-hop & I am tired of mainstream names & familiar faces. Via the advance search, I have discovered  many new groups & songs based in my own localities. It can be useful to support your own local music industry with the help of Unsigned. So far there were 33 countries across the globe that are made available in the advance search. Not bad for beta starters as I believe Unsigned will expand them to a global scale soon.

Since its Beta release, Unsigned has been working to provide new functions that might appeal to both; artist & listeners. Among the upcoming features in Unsigned Evolutions are Music Player Build which allows us to manage your personal music library with a very simple to use interface. With this feature you can easily browse complete listing & highly rated song in the website.

The second feature will be the Playlist Editor which will be a simple editor, pretty straight forward & simple where sorting out your list will never be a hassle anymore. There were choices of sorting that you can choose from such as arrangement by genre, or compiling songs. In that manner reaching your favorite songs will be a much easier task!

Next will be your profile page. This section will be enhanced with a Flash based interface to maximise the flexibility in personalising your profile page. This feature will ensure that your profile can be managed in a way that is more appealing & catchier to the audience. Among others that will be featured in the upcoming release are tons of pre-set themes to suit your taste, customisation of your layout, content arrangement & also ‘plugging’ in add-ons in form of ‘modules’ & ‘zones’. If personality is what you care about, this feature is definitely going to impress you.

For those business minded ones, you can make money by selling your compilations. The profit from the sales will benefit three parties; the artist, Unsigned & of course yourself. That means you don’t even have to be an artist to be able to make money.

And finally, to those enthusiastic ones who are planning to form a band or group, or just merely scouting around for some fresh talents can do so in Unsigned music classifieds. All you have t do is just specify a post, or a vacancy that you need & Unsigned will take care of the rest.

Unsigned is undeniably a very potential site to discover new talents, making talents & selling talents!

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