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Drug abuse and alcoholism abuse is nothing new. It has always been a social ill that almost every nation in this world has to endure. While some countries don’t have any NGO or charitable organisations that provide sanctuary for the victims, cure and rehabilitation can be a very difficult task. Teens and adolescents need to be care for and treated as they were the valuable assets for a growing nation.

As far things are concerned, many organisations have different approaches in tackling these problems. Many institutions still adopts the traditional way of doing so but just merely treatment and cure. But here in Echo Malibu, things are being dealt with in a unique way by applying empowerment, choices, hope and opportunities to the adolescents to speed up rehabilitation hence curing them in the process. This is what Echo Malibu actually stands for.

Echo Malibu is an adolescent treatment center founded to treat troubled adolescents from alcohol & teen drug abuse. Based on the acronym itself lies the philosophy outlined for this institution which became the core principle of how this institution operates.

Echo Malibu believes that empowerment in the form of support to the victim can be the first step towards treatment. Empowerment involves knowledge, skills & support systems that were required to reclaim pieces that they have lost. Through the programme, participants will be taught skills of assessing themselves. From the self-assessment, they could come up with choices, and from the choices they made, they will be able to choose the pathway that they want to lead their life to.

This sanctuary provides everyone a hope, which is also part of its philosophy. When many victims assume that hopes was lost through their ordeal, in Echo Malibu they were given an opportunity to regain them by proving them a medium through work and integrity that they have shown throughout the programme. In Echo Malibu, opportunities were seen as crises that lead to growth and change. When many sees crises is damaging, Echo Malibu sees it the other way round; the positive way where families can heal through open communication, release angers and resentment , coping with adversities, building intimacies and view them in a positive perspective which was entirely the aims and objectives outline throughout the programme.

Echo Malibu was manned by 30 experienced staff lead by professionals who are passionate in their field in giving the best help and aid to the troubled adolescents who reflected themselves and willing to make a effort to change by being part of Echo’s family. While many will see Echo Malibu as just a conventional rehab clinic, Echo Malibu is proud to say that they are more that just that by providing youth chemical dependency, dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders, and/or behavioral problems with the highest quality of professional care available.

Situated in a quiet sub-urban area by the seaside far away from the hectic city, Echo Malibu provides a spacious and cosy place where participants of the programme can utilise the tranquillity of the place to take time in reflecting themselves via meditation, and recreation that the institution provides. Participants will have a private or semi-private room (depend on needs & requests) superbly refurbished, clean and tidy environment.

The breathtaking views of the Santa Monica mountains and the beaches can be an excellent break for participants to enjoy and heal at the same time. Counselling is available when needed and the staffs in Echo will make their time worthwhile with their hospitality and friendly services during their stay.

Queries can be forwarded via Echo Malibu’s website or reaching them via fax, telephone or email. The FAQ was written is clarity and there is also a news section where potential candidates can read the achievements that Echo Malibu provides for their participants.

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