Visit Malaysia eYerrr!!!!

Ok, saw this column in The Star today that says;

NEW YORK: Malaysia has been voted the world’s best tourism destination for 2006 by a prestigious US travel magazine, ahead of such destinations as Hawaii and Bali.

This is the finding of a poll conducted by Global Traveller Magazine, a monthly travel magazine that has 60,055 subscribers.

The questionnaires, which covered 42 categories, were made available as an insert in the subscriber copies of the magazine and online on its website. Behind Malaysia in the poll were Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, Indonesia (Bali), Hawaii, Thailand (Phuket), South Africa, Fiji and Australia.

Oh, how real can that be I doubt it. Even though it’s real, would you expect them to come to Malaysia & see scenes like these on our streets?

And lets say what happens if this scenario took place?

‘Mou ngan tai’ lah! Really ‘mensiasuikan’ us only!

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17 years ago

yah….memang ‘sia sui’ lah.

Me: Errr..amoi, Kenny Sia or Kenny Sui??

17 years ago

the last pictures was too blur i cant see clearly lah .. YOu are back with all the kurang asem !! I love kurang asem !!!

Me: Thanks for the support janice!

17 years ago

it’s still home…no need to act good in front of foreigners…

Me: Excuse me? Acting good?? Sorry yeah, my blog aren’t frequented by foreigners.