GDI – Scam or Real Thang?

I came across this sales pitch – “You have heard about people making a lot of money through the internet. You want to have your own internet business too! But you don’t know where to start. You badly want to hit the local scene as well that the global scene big time. First off, you need a unique domain name that people can easily remember. In the internet world, domain names are very important.”

And the rest goes on about GDI;

Global Domains International is a growing internet company that specializes in domain names. It can give you affordable packages that allow you to use your own domain name, email accounts, website builder and hosting accounts. They also provide you with other opportunities to earn more cash by networking and referrals.

What makes Global Domains International unique is that it is the only company that markets domain names through the aid of network marketing. It mixes the elements of network marketing and domain names and allows you to earn much commission.

As of the present moment, there is no other company that is competing with it. You can avail of their services for free in a trial basis. You will never lose with Global Domains International because even if you are still on a free trial basis, Global Domains International already considers you as qualified for compensation.

You are paid a dollar a month per domain, which is registered in your network. To earn more, try to refer as many people as you can to Global Domains International.

When the people you referred also successfully refer their friends and family, you get additional payment or commissions.

Their referrals will be credited to you and will allow you to move up a position because without you, they would never have been part of the Global Domains International community.

It is just like a family tree spreading like wildfire. The good part about Global Domains International is that there are no limitations as to the number of people that you refer and they refer. If you know hundreds of people, ask them to sign up because surely they also know a lot of people.

As your referrals increase in number, their referrals will also increase in number. This means that there will be a corresponding increase in your commissions. This is amazing!

Global Domains International gives you cash bonuses if you qualify for such. There are also contests among members who are eligible. The opportunities you get from this company are vast and exciting and it all depends on your ability to make a quick and numerous referrals. Go to Global Domains International and sign up.

You can start networking now and get as much as you can from Global Domains International because a lot of people already have reached their dreams with Global Domains International.

If you still aren’t convinced that you can make money, you can read and watch several video testimonials from satisfied users and members who have posted their videos on the site. You can also read more information about Global Domains International and how their system works.

Verdict: Sounds like a new biz opportunity to me, but WS domains are well know to be a hub for scammers. The risk is there and I will only consider venturing into it until I get more concrete information regarding it.


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