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I got hooked up with PayPerPost (PPP) end of last year during the Christmas season but only started (posting) in January. Since then, I have been a PPP junkie, grabbing any eligible opportunities that I can find, and monetise from it instantly! Guess what, real cash does flow in my PayPal account uncontrollably from the results of monetising each opportunity! This ain’t no joke as PPP does make that happen.

To be honest, this blog ad network has become my side income at the moment where I can use whatever I earn from it by treating myself with online purchases from the funds that I have obtained without ‘touching’ my actual funds in my bank!

All you need to participate is possessing some basic writing skills, with reasonable grammar and vocab knowledge. You don’t have to be an English teacher or a linguist guru to participate this. On the other hand, extra patience and time with a properly set-up blog preferably under your own domain name will accomplish most of your task.

Page ranks only matters when your traffic grows and the advantage of having them is you can grab bigger money making opportunities based on your PR. Even small time bloggers regardless of PR’s can try their luck. No harm trying right?

PPP is all about hooking up advertisers with you (i.e. bloggers) being their buzzer. By ‘buzzing’, you help to promote and market them. Thus, this relationship creates a symbiosis where everyone is a winner. The advertisers got their traffic and clients, PPP go their commission and you got your bucks!

Did you know that PPP only charges a 35% service fee compared to ReviewMe that charges a 100% markup for your advertisement campaign? Their new segmentation system awards bloggers with high traffic blogs. You could make even $1000 for a single sponsored post – but that will require a quality blog with good Alexa score and high PR. The higher your PR, the more opportunities you can grab; the more opportunities you grab the bigger buck you get!

To get involved is easy. You just have to register with their site, submit your blog for approval and once your blog is approved, you can start making moolahs by taking your bet on the high-paying opportunities that you can get. Don’t forget to mention disclosure policy about those sponsored posts at the end of the post so that your viewers are not being ‘tricked’ to read it.

So, attract your audience honestly. It pays well to do so!

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