Spontaneous Gluttony

We all went spontaneously nuts for a meal for a spontaneous raw ingredient selecting, spontaneous queuing, spontaneous cooking and spontaneous feasting! The place I am referring to was Cuisine Spontanee’ located at the heart of Sutton Harbour with lots of posh apartments and restaurant overlooking the marina.

It’s my debut visit and the rest of the gang has visited this place before. The gathering this time was organised by CJ in conjunction of Chinese New Year (maybe?) since we haven’t got any party organised prior to that celebration. Thank god we have got at least something memorable to cherish for with this small but joyous gathering among our gang.

The name that says all

The ‘manual’ of their service works

The definition

Choosing your styles 22 altogether

This post is gonna be a review about this restaurant as well. What I can say that this restaurant is one of the kind that offer ‘spontaneous cooking’ while you wait. It works this way by grabbing a plate and choose the raw ingredients of your choice. The raw ingredients are consists of a selection of vegetables such as green capsicums, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, kidney beans, leeks, onions, carrots etc and the meat side consist of squid, prawns, mix seafood, pork, beef, chicken, turkey and venison! All the meat were marked with a coloured sticker on its lid. The colors were then listed in a chart where you can check the meat that corresponds to its respective color.

Gang toast

West wing of the table

East wing of the table

Grab a few combination meat, at most two types and some vegetables. Don’t be greedy! Queue up and when it reaches your turn, the chef will ask you what sort of style you want. The style consist of 22 styles such as Malaysian, Sumatran, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Scandinavian, Moorish, Texan, Cajun, Polynesian, Bordelaise, Devonian, English, King Edward, etc. tell them what you wanted and they will ask what sort of sides you want. It can be chips, rice, noodles or potatoes.

So you can observe yourself how your food is being freshly cooked by the experienced and friendly chefs. When your meal is done, go and happily scoff them off and come for the next one repeating the same process all over again.

My round 1: Polynesian style

My round 2: Thai style (green curry)

My round 3: Moorish style

My round 4: Devonian style steak

The staffs are very friendly and the pricing is very reasonable. You pay £15 per head, flat rate and eat all you want. That means the more you eat, the cheaper each serving gets! The soft drinks are as cheap as £1.50 and the sweets are priced around £2.95 and that was for three large scoops. Oh before I forgot, they also serve a daily chef’s starter. As for today’s occasion we got a leek soup as starter.

My round 5: Chocolate-orange ice cream

They provide a simple yet comprehensive list of wines. The good news when comes to this is, you can bring your own wine and there were no corkage charge incurred for. We brought in a Spanish and an Australian red accompanied by 2 Asti Spumante’s.

A red & a champagne

Dave & Joerg – deep conversation

The interior & ambiance

The sweets are simply awesome as they were made locally from Cornish dairies. Atmosphere and ambiance was great. This was indeed an ideal place for a small and contented social outing for everyone to relax, enjoy the company and to chill!

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