Link Assistant, A Must Have SEO Tool For Marketers

Contrary to its brand name, Link Assistant does not only assist you in link building but the overall package in what a typical SEO process should do. Link-Assistant is the manufacturer of the world’s leading SEO software. Currently they have four cutting-edge products that some of you might have already heard about – LinkAssistant, SEO SpyGlass, Rank Tracker and Website Auditor.

What’s cool about Link Assistant? This tool is confirmed by SEO experts and webmasters as one of the fastest link building tool. It literally took over manual SEO done by hand by cutting down time and at the same time pumping up subject’s popularity.

Since link building is the core of all SEO strategy, building quality links are being favoured highly by search engine particularly big G. For every niche involved, the capacity and rate of link building is different. Link Assistant basically take care of all the complicated technicalities as long as the user is willing to pump up some time and patience whilst working on it.

In short, Link Assistant:

  • Identifies high quality link exchange for you to partner with. You can initiate contact within the software and store them in your links pages to be uploaded via FTP.
  • Assist in monitoring link partners and verify the validity of them reciprocating back to you. If they quietly unlink you, Link Assistant will unlink them back as well.
  • Provide you an overview on how well your targeted keyword is doing in search engines with graphical presentation.
  • Supported by Linux, Mac and Windows
If you are an SEO expert but spoilt for choice, just opt for Link Assistant and the whole package that comes with it. This is because SEO SpyGlass, Rank Tracker and Website Auditor compliment well with Link Assistant, just like your Microsoft Office package.
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J Wang
14 years ago

Good and in depth article but full of useful information