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Twitter is simply revolutionary. With 140 word limit, one can turn a pitching into really short, sweet and meaningful messages/tweets. Advertising merchants who had been picky and fussy about the methods they use had pounce upon Twitter and tolerated the 140 word limit into launching monetizing programs for all of you to monetize. Assuming you have Twitter account(s) with decent followers, how do you go about monetizing them? Before monetizing, you got to have this lists on check to ensure that your Twitter account(s) are ‘healthy’ to work for you.

  1. Don’t limit yourself to one account – C’mon lets just admit it. We are all greedy. Sun Tzu’s victory in war depends on his army, and you should done the same. Acquire a few more Twitter accounts to build your army of tweets to make money for you.
  2. Make sure your accounts are niche specific – I have mentioned them here in ‘Strategizing Twitter For Money Making & Business”. Choose the niches you like and comfortable with. Say for example Twitter account no.1 is your personal Twitter account, Twitter account no.2 is your Internet marketing niche account, Twitter account no.3 is your Transformers collecting hobby niche account, so on and so forth.
  3. Give identity to each account – They need to be alive! People need to deal with a ‘real person’ behind each account. The first thing about being alive is to give identity. Jazz up the background pages and logo as thumbnails. Put URLs and fill up the bios!
  4. Feed content – if you are running WordPress blog get plugins that supports Ping.FM or use Twitter Tools. Grab your blogs RSS and feed em’ to Twitter. If you are running Twitter account in masses, grab Google Blog’s RSS based on your niche targeted keywords, paste them in TwitterFeed, and link them up with your Twitter account. This will automatically feed content and walla, your Twitter account looks alive and kickin’!
  5. Get em’ peoples – grab Twellow, use Hummingbird and Tweet Adder. Target your followers with niche keywords depending based on your account’s niche. Add them in masses but do it sparingly. Achieve around 1000-3000 followers. That numbers is the most comfortable numbers to convert leads, get accepted and make money – fast!

Once you executed 1-5 above, you are likely ready to roll. Check this fellas out – here are few tweet for money programs that you can enrol and squeeze each and every tweet-for-penny juices out of your followers.

  • Pagerank: 6
  • Alexa: 14,703
  • Supports: Twitter, Facebook and MySpace

Easy to enroll and very straightforward. They claimed to have reached 50 million unique users on Twitter and MySpace. Big guys like Tech Crunch and Newsweek are their publishers.

They monetize your tweets on behalf of your favorite brands. This means advertisers that matches the niche category that you have chosen before hand will ‘offer’ the ads for you to tweet. Once registered you have the choice to allow or disallow offers.

If you are strict on maintaining standards of your niche, this will come handy. The downside is you’ll miss the money that you might make from it. You are allowed to add more than one account apart from your primary Twitter account.

Once added, their metrics or algorithm will ‘calculate’ and decide what is the price tag of each tweet you can make. claims that their ‘fair pricing’ algorithm suggests what advertisers should pay you based on the quality of your account i.e. tweets, activity and engagements.

They had a referral program i.e. affiliate program designated for publishers and advertisers. You grab 12% of what they make once they signed up using one of your referral links. The only is – the offer comes very slowly. It is a real wait here.

Sponsored Tweets

  • Pagerank: 5
  • Alexa: 8332
  • Supports: Twitter

This is another heavyweight in tweet-for-money that is worth mentioning. These guys are the brainchild behind IZEA/PPP. They come with a flashy website that you only need to use your Twitter account to sign in to enrol in their program.

Just like any typical tweet for money program, Sponsored Tweets emphasize on advertising as a platform to connect us and their merchants. When you are in the offer will come. With a simplistic table you could check your chances of being accepted by the rating in percentage that they have displayed in the website.

If you had offers with 100% rating that means you are surely to be accepted to tweet. It also means, they are not really strict in how you tweet. Some ‘pesky’ company that offer high payout with low percentage of acceptance indicates that they will screen your tweet first, before letting the tweet go public.

If you didn’t met the quota of how much you are supposed to be tweeting, they will inform you via email and let you log in and retweet. The only downside is, you need to recompose the tweet again as they refrain you from reusing the old tweet.

Payout is with Paypal, and they let you price your tweet in the settings.


  • Pagerank: 4
  • Alexa: 9399
  • Supports: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook & Blog

My third recommendation is Mylikes. I bet it is one of the most outstanding tweet for cash program. Their advertising model comes in two flavors – pay per click (PPC) campaigns and pay-per-tweet (PPT) campaigns. Once registered their metrics/algorithm will determine your rate for PPC and PPT straight away, so you can roughly know how much you are going to make.

This program is basically about sharing what you like in the form of information, offers and ads that you think is beneficial for others to know and share. In due process you make money out of that as well.

Mylikes generate offers very fast, like instantly! Different from other tweet-for-cash programs like and Twittad, you don’t have to wait for your chance to make money. This is because the whole list are already there at your face. You can immediately tweet the offers and make money.

The other cool thing about Mylike is they integrate well with other social media tools like Facebook, Youtube and blog. When you tweet the campaign that you pursue, you will be given a choice to transmit the tweets to those social media as well.

The price rate of your tweet depends on your followers. So the more followers you have, the higher your rate.

I will review more tweet-for-cash in my upcoming post. I have found some really good ones to spread the news soon.

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