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When was the last time you have planned a journey and enjoy 100% perfection from the start of planning up till the end of your trip? I bet hardly! From planning itineraries and making bookings, there are always hiccups along the way especially if you are dealing with an appalling travel agency. I believe that won’t happen with Hotel Reservations.

Hotel Reservation is an extensive site that operates in Europe, America and Canada that will take care all your travel worries from planning your itineraries, budgeting, providing customer care, Q&A’s and make bookings via the site or telephoning. The site was specially focused on hotel booking, flights booking, cars rental, vacation rental and vacation package offerings.

In each section you can find detailed package about the destination that you wish to go. Offering range includes popular destinations in Europe, America, Asia and Australia with detailed searches such a number of people, length of stay, preferred location and even number of rooms that you wish to book.

I find the vacation package attractive as it offers holidaymakers an extensive variety of package such as flight, hotel & car or flight and hotel or hotel and car or just flight and car! It shows that they are very attentive to the needs of holidaymakers that they did not want to miss not even a single detail!

Hotel Reservation also offers bed and breakfast and condo rentals as side services. Since it was side-services, the lists featured are only selected destinations mainly in America and small portions of Europe and Asia. Yet, the details of booking and reservation are still equally treated as their main service counterparts.

Most holiday planning sites have very dodgy navigation but not in Hotel Reservation as the site were designed as simple and neatly with reasonable amount of information offered in every section. As reputable it was, Hotel Reservation offers secure online payment when you make a booking and also offered 3 main currency exchange types such as dollar, euros and sterling pounds to ease your transaction of choice.

For those who are less internet savvy, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck just in case you have doubts of their service or site usability. On the left column there’s a small print that will guide you on how to use the site. It also provide an extensive FAQ that covers guides of making reservation, ticketing, airport, children, miscellaneous issues are all being highlighted clearly.

The customer service offered was marvellous as there is a 24 hours customer care that will help to tackle your woes regarding your reservation, credit card safety assurances, special discounts offerings, savings/rebates, cancelling and viewing reservation.

What more can you ask from when everything offered by Hotel Reservation? So when you think about travelling, think Hotel Reservation!

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17 years ago

Thanks for writing about our site, your review means a lot to us.

Please consider us to book your hotel needs when you and your friends travel next time…..from management of