Toll Hike Protest Puns

thpWarning: Heavy image content.

Ok, here is something less intense about yesterday’s post regarding the toll hike protest in Sunway Pyramid that has witnessed for the first time female FRU positioned on the frontline alongside their all-rowdy male counterparts (behind) ‘kononnya’ to promote a much crowd-friendly atmosphere during the protest demo.

The approach kinda worked though as the demo disperse peacefully with no unwanted incident.

Some puns for a laugh below, nothing too serious; just to brighten up your day!

The divider pakcik..much of a celeb status on that day. (see clip in my previous post)

Crowd dispersal with some sweetness..

Personnel can play pranks too…

Exhibit A – “Miss Armed & Dangerous” (cos she gonna kick yo ass)

Exhibit B – “Miss Bring-It-On” (cos she got too much stains on her shield)

Exhibit C – “Miss Cheapo” (cos she gave her hp number easily)

Exhibit D – “Miss Daddy’s Girl” (cos she wanna cry..)

Exhibit E – “Miss Elegant” (cun sial…i repeat, cun sial..)

Exhibit F – “Miss F*****” (self explanatory)

Polygamy Pakcik aka DSAI Wannabe.

Personnel with an attitude.

Frontline personnel with ‘household’ worries..

Photo credits/references goes to Amir Ridwan, a talented photographer. More photos of yesterday’s event from his photo gallery via that link.

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