Cloaking Affiliate Links

I’ve setup a new free link cloaking service that has a number of serious advantages over the other free ones like or


  1. It can remove links to the affiliate program from the vendor’s landing page. You have to see this one to believe it. With this service, you have the option of having any links on the landing page that point to the vendor’s affiliate program removed. This saves you lost commissions from the visitors you send seeing that there’s an affiliate program, signing up, and purchasing through their own link instead of yours.
  2. I provide click tracking. Unlike other free cloaking services, I provide both raw click through and unique click through counts. Compare those figures against the number of sales you’ve made and you can calculate your conversion rates.
  3. Get more free traffic through your links from other users. The most recently created links are shown on the home page, as well as the most popular ones for the week. This gives other users the opportunity to click your link and see if they like what you’re offering. We also give visitors the ability to browse through older links, giving you even more traffic potential.

Here’s the link:Offto

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