After 50 Years?

..what have become of us? The police force from the small players up to the big players are all infested with corruption. Chief of police are good tongue twisters next to your soap artiste, our supposedly ‘cream of the crop’ agency, the ACA is no different. The judiciary system fails with VK Lingam’s secret video leak. Our second most senior minister was indirectly involved in Altantunya case. WTF?

And the latest, a 12 year old girl murdered and stuffed in a gym bag!! I wonder how Malaysian can be downright to this insanity and inhumanity? Did our nation’s policy and upbringing mold us into beasts that just wait to be unleashed?

Oh my god.

And 50 years we are still fighting amongst ourselves for equality, and minorities are still branded as ‘pendatang’. Reading Malaysia-Today makes me sick when all anjing, babi, kafiruns, tongsans are uttered amongst ourselves, among fellow Malaysians.

It makes me sick.

Cops are above Geneva convention when fired live bullets towards protesters causing near death injuries. That shows how lawless is the law enforcers themselves. And police are smart enough to orchestrate a superimpose imagery of the flag-burning culprits. Out of ideas to find a scapegoat? Let’s create one then! Cemerlang IT? I bet they are now. Surpassing my PS skills.

I wonder how the nation succumb in this trials for the next century to come? Are we prepared with this sort of mindset to thrive as a nation? We will live to see more chaos and anarchy. I hope I could survive. I hope the monarchy could do something soon. They have a cancer to fight. Daulat tuanku.

…so help us lord.

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16 years ago

here’s something,

if you’re in KL, please come to OU this weekend, something happening going on and i’m hosting it! and thats something for malaysia after 50 years!

Me: Too bad im not in Malaysia now!