Duck Farm Riot

duck.jpgQuack! Quack!

This news makes me aware of how aliens are behaving as if they own that motherfucking place. To be honest, I have lost touch of my hometown affairs for quite sometime now until…

IPOH: More than 20 men, believed to be Indonesians armed with sticks, iron rods and parang, created trouble at a duck farm in Bidor, about 80km from here, last night after two of their friends were caught for stealing ducks.

Perak deputy police chief Senior Asst Comm (I) Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah said the group rampaged the farm to free the duo who were caught by the caretaker.

The group also stole a generator and a motorcycle and damaged a lorry parked at the farm in the incident which occurred at 8pm, he told reporters.

“The farm caretaker and his two sons, however, managed to flee,” he added.

Hadi said police had launched an operation to track down the men, adding that no arrest had been made.

He said trouble broke out after the caretaker, 42, and his sons, aged 16 and 19, caught two of the three men who were stealing ducks at the farm.

“The one who managed to escape went to get help from several workers at other nearby farms.”

The caretaker has lodged a police report. – Bernama.

I was wondering if the govt is gonna employ these goons as phantom-voters soon in the upcoming EC. They quack quite good tho. Bleh.

Source: The Starry, “Migrant Workers Riot at Farm”

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