MySpace Secrets, Squeezing Out Social Media Juices

One of the greatest advantages of marketing on MySpace id that it´s free… How can you beat that? But I´d have to say my second favorite aspect of marketing on MySpace is the ease in isolating the profiles that relate most to your niche and marketing to hundred´s of thousands of people all perfect candidates for being clientele of your niche.

Now I will be truthful, I don´t usually pull to many sales directly from my MySpace profiles and marketing, but similarly, I hardly really market my products on my space.

What I do obtain, and very well, is actual relationships and daily additions to my database. This in my mind is at least 40% the value of getting an actual sale. Now I have people who trust me because I have shared who I am and what I am about and information and proof of my success.

Now I have these people to receive weekly new letters, monthly invitations to marketing webinars, and I start to see the sales coming in because they trust me and want to learn more from me or trust me and want to work with me because of how much they have gained before even working with me.

And because I can so easily search out the exact niches I believe my products and services are most related to, I am developing a seriously targeted database, hence why I value it so much.

But knowing how to market yourself on MySpace is vital to your success. Sadly, more recently, MySpace has become a venue for many flood marketers marketing less than desirable products for the average person. It is vitally important you appear nothing like any of these profiles. But if you are using MySpace already for personal reasons and have encountered these profiles you can easily see why they are so useless.

They are short, provide next to no information about the person, they are lies, and all they do is promote the product.

You want to do the exact opposite. You want to provide information on your self, upload some of your favorite video clips and tell about yourself, add some photos. However, remember, they should be in line with what your niche is most likely to like as well.

Yes you want to appear successful, but you want to relate to you niche and your niche relate to you. Remember, you are marketing and the most important thing is to give your potential clients the best information for them to want to know more about you and your products. What you want to say about you and your products comes far after what is best for your clients to hear.

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