Internet Marketing – More Convergence in 2010 Ad Trends

The Nielsen Company said the online marketing industry is evolving to meet new marketplace realities. According to a new report, “Most notably, advertisers are beginning to look at the media mix more holistically.”

They are embracing social media marketing opportunities as branding platforms and are actively seeking ways to inspire more engaged buyers. They found that pressure for Return-On-Investment will “lead to a better understanding of media convergence and how various media work together.” They predict that cross-media ad campaigns will be big this year.

Online Marketing Companies Produce Creative and Professional Ads

Online marketing companies ads produced will be more creative and more like professional videos or mini-features, rather than traditional television commercials simply stuck on YouTube or annoying banner ads.

Internet Marketing Company Continues to be Important

In their assessment of 2009, Nielsen reports: “This vast majority of users have broadband, which allows the delivery of richer content without degrading the experience. Rich media, streaming media and more offline content is finding its way online.

And a constant stream of new consumer-generated media via Facebook and Twitter are deeply engaging users to spend more time online. More than 40% of online video is viewed at the workplace. Workers sitting in their offices for 40 hours a week do spend a bit of that time surfing the Internet.”

In short, social media marketing continues to be important and video marketing, in particular, is beginning to capture more prominence in Internet marketing company agendas.

In no uncertain terms, the Nielsen Company summarizes: “Publishers – particularly those who invest in quality content or services – will now be able to deliver confidence to their advertisers that online advertising plays a fundamental role in meeting their overall brand objectives.”

Source: Online Mktg SEO

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