Officezilla, Your Virtual Office

How many times have you experience chaos in your net life by having to scramble to open up your address books sometimes on a separate client, with your POP email client or web email client linking up with your organiser to sync up some important address that you have forgot to enter in your address book? Or do you find it cumbersome having to update your address book separately in many clients with no consistency?

Guess what, the solution can be Officezilla.

Officezilla, whom I have stumbled upon accidentally is your very own free intranet with Calendar, Contact Manager, Message Boards, File Sharing, Knowledge Base, Web Links, Chat Room, Phone Pad, Pop Email Reader, Templates, Mass Mail, Announcements, Groups, Multi-Language, Import/Export.

Is like stuffing all your office and daily household chores in a system. Point your browser to Officezilla and signup to know more.

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