Tips On Creating Quality Link Building Campaign

We all know that Information drives the World Wide Web: websites, articles, directories, databases, and blogs. If you have a desire for information, you will find someone on the web that either has it or is willing to provide it.

Choose Quality Links
As we all are aware that Link building is more than collecting as many links as possible from any indiscriminate source. People visit websites for very specific reason or to satisfy their needs; they visit to Google to search information, to YouTube for videos, to Half for shopping bargains. Remember that they do not visit to YouTube for complex technical articles or to Half for custom furniture commissions.

If in our example website “A” focuses on fiction writing as a general craft, and site “B” does as well, this is example of a relevant link. People from website A will be interested in website B on some level, because they provide related content.

In simple words, the thought of reciprocity is to return the favor by linking to websites that have linked to your website. This is perfect example of cooperation, this allows both websites to benefit from wider audiences, and it is basically an example of common courtesy.

Remember that not every link is relevant and people have vastly different reasons for linking to various websites. A blogger may want link to a particular author or article they find outstanding. The author in question may be grateful, but it may happen that their readership might not be interested in this other person’s blog, whatever is the reason.

In this case, they are not compelled to return the favor. But, failing to return back the link could be seen as impolite at least, and it may possibly lead to one of those ‘internet reputations’ that cause headaches.

In such cases, there are many ways to be reciprocal without returning a link. For example, if someone has taken the time to link you, but your website audience just isn’t targeted to the website in question. You should send a brief email to the website owner, thanking them for the link.

High Quality Content
It remains a vital truth that People are more likely to link to a website providing content that offers quality for every click, be it in terms of content or services. For example, a well-designed forum with a number of insightful posts, diverse discussion topics, and active moderation is more likely to attract visitors and links than a website using a basic, shoddy interface in which a number of spam bots make irrelevant sales pitches in poorly-constructed English.

Source: AIM

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