911 Remembrance at Mayflower Steps

Date: 11 Sept 2006
Venue: Mayflower Steps, Barbican, Plymouth, England.
Time: 1.46pm
This is just a photolog entry;


Congregating crowd at the Steps.

Wreath bearers lead by the Lord Mayor of Plymouth

The States at half-mast

Lord Mayor at the Mayflower Steps

Another presentation

In honour to those who perished.

Colleagues taking shots.

The media & press was present as well.

Read to bugle up

Ceremony dismissal

Public & police

Dignitaries, public & priest

The historical Mayflower Steps

Wreath on Steps

Wreath by the forces.

From the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

Touchy message from the PCCI.

From the Ambulance services

From the City Council

Lord Mayor’s message.

From the Fire & Rescue Services

From the public

“You are in our hearts, we will never forget…”

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