A Fugly Face & Some Atmosphere

Just stumbled across this article in The Star about this funny or should I say ‘scary’ looking appearance on a ‘pinang’ tree in Kampung Paya, near Kepala Batas in Penang. It was said that the ‘face’ seems to have have brought good luck to the villagers.

Now the atmosphere has changed as the ‘face’ attracts the local public & drawn the village into a carnival-like mood as the curious public was thronging the village non-stop just to catch a glance on this strange abomination. The villagers benefited from this ‘phenomenon’ from food sales, photos etc. The weird thing is the villagers claimed that the face changed day by day. At first it was ok (I assume ‘pretty’), & now it turned out to be (f)ugly? What’s next? The abomination of a third kind which is more alien-like?

See this;

“I got a snout & I’m blasphemous!”

“Cordoned just because of a pig-faced tree – Malaysia truly Asia”

Wuddaya think? The more I look at it the more it looked like Sus Domestica to me. Yes, its a pig DOH! So what the hell is that abomination doing up there – on a pinang tree? Chillin? Or throwing ‘insults’ to the villagers?? Or just stranded during a reincarnation process? Talking about reincarnation, the best thing I could relate to that tree is Mr.Zhu, yeah this one;

“Zhu Bai Jie vs Zhu ‘By The Tree’

Yeah the buddy of Sun Wukong (Monkey God) & Sha Wujing, the disciple of Priest Xuan Zang in the “Journey to the West” epic. And this dude seem to get reincarnated hell a lot in his lifetime, so what the hell he is doing here up on the tree now? Being punished for being vegetarian?? Oh throwing insults to Barisan Nasional? An omen for the Penangites I guess.

Source: The Star

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