A Fair-well

fairwellSo, he left after being in the UK for more than 3 years as student & as a holiday maker. This Kuala Kurau homeboy misses his hometown very much that he decided to leave his undecided UK life. I think he made the right choice of going home.

And today we had a small but humble farewell gathering for him, among fellow Malaysians & his work colleagues. We had food, had a good laugh, had some shots & bids of farewell & hopes of goodwill in his future undertakings.

The Fella
The Leaving Fella – Kok Hooi

The Fella
The final supper.
The Fella
Aww, you are breakin them hearts la KH. *lols*
The Fella
You aint forgettin us.
Will be in touch dude. Be good + best of luck.

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chih shen
chih shen
16 years ago

im a malaysian in the uni of plymouth. Very few malaysians over here.