A Walk & Some Horseyness

kudaSo, it was another British bank holiday. The day was sunny and bright. I woke up at 8am, get my gears ready and set. As May planned, today we gonna go out for a walk in Plymbridge Woods and a horse ride in Fitzworthy, Cornwood. We rendezvoused at May & Seon’s place waiting for Dave to arrive. His Tauran never fails to impress. And there we go for a ride to the woods – yeah, the woods at Dave’s backyard called Plymbridge. Plymbridge is actually a small forest reserve in Glenholt used to be a coal-mining area during the pre-war up to the post-war. As we walk, we could spot remnants of old mines & railway ruins that headed to the mines.

Many dog-walkers & mountainbikers enjoying the sunny weather for a cool & fresh stroll on a lovely Sunday along with us. Seon as usual, took the opportunity of this lengthy walk to shoot some awesome pics such as insects & floras that flourished around the park. The butterfly above was one of my favorites.


Our journey ended at this bridge cos we gotta be hurry to Cornwood for the booked horseride. Behind us is the beautiful lush scenery of the serene pine woods. We would love to continue, but the horseride stable was some miles away from here and we need to be there early for some briefing. One of Seon’s final masterpiece moments before leaving the woods – its a BUG LIFE. We had few popsicles before driving away from the park.

So, we arrived at Fitzworthy in Cornwood around half an hour later. The stable smell welcomed us (you know what I mean). Its quiet at the stable as we are booked for that afternoon session which was an hour stroll around the edge of the moors. The instructors are fairly young like our aged, very experienced and they guide us pretty well.

That was Rollie above, shot by me. Ya, Rollie the Horsie not to be confused with Rollie Fingers aka Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan yo. She doesn’t smoke weed. I think one of the ladies had Rollie as I was confused ‘shei ta shei’ (who is who) cos for me all horsey look the same, and thats lame.

The ride took us an hour. The journey starts at the stable towards the foot path of the woods nearby passing by some fields, train underpass, farms & orchards. The horse handlers are very professional, chatty and friendly as all of us chatted during the ride, the herd have been very obedient and the weather was excellent. Not regretting a single bit of making out today.

We reached home around 5.30pm. Tired but overwhelmed.

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