Fire In Da Sky

fireworkThis is one of the days that i longed to see ever since i resided in Plymouth – a proper firework spectacular at the Hoe eventhough it was the final day of the performance (it was only 2 days). I missed the show many times every year as the past years I have been fully attached with my part time job in the restaurant and studies.

I decided to treat myself today with some laksa, and to add joy I have invited Sean and May to come along well. As original born-n-bred Kedahan, hotness n spiciness is synonymous to their culture and they will be my lab rats of the day to try on my devil-hot-laksa! Sean and May who were avid photographers brought along their camera kits. After having a ‘decent’ meal of crazy-to-death hot laksa of mine, we head off to the Hoe, at the waterfront to spectate that evenings’ spectacular.

We followed the route via Bretonside-Elliot Street and straight to Barbican via Southside Street – Lambhay Hill – Medeira Road which was exactly facing the waterfront. There I met Zhen and his buddy who was waiting for another friend to spectate that evenings’ event. Hesitantly he can’t hang about with us as he had to entertain his friends who was on the other side of the Hoe. As I was chatting with Zhen, Sean & May already hiked up through the stairway to the top at the outer walls of the Royal Citadel fortress for some good position to shoot.


I followed along not long after that having to struggle my way through opposing the crowd movement coming from Southside Street. Have safely seated beside May and Sean, I scrambled to get my camera. This is one memorable day for my babe – the Canon Powershot A95 digicam of mine being able to have this opportunity to perform a debut of taking firework shoots! I tried to fiddle around with SCN’s nightmode, Night Shot, and Custom settings by trying few test shots. Eventually, i settled down with Custom settings with a high aparture with low shutter speed. Luckily, Sean brought along his mini-tripod that i can use to rest it on my lap while I take shoots. Around 8pm, the performance starts. And walla,this is what i got!

This year’s performers;

  1. Alan Hillary Pyrotechnics (Current Champion)
  2. Le Maitre Fireworks
  3. Skyline Promotions
  4. The Midnight Storm Firework Company (Reserve 2004)
  5. MLE Pyrotechnics
  6. Millennium Pyrotechnics Ltd.

The show ended like 1 & half hours later, during the final half hour, CJ, Ivy & CK came and sat beside us as well. The performance ended soon after that with all the crowd dispersing and hurried home. We slowly hike downhill after the top was nearly empty. Arrived home 15 minutes after that and upload the pics immediately to my PC. It turned out well with Powershot A95 but there is a lot of improvements to be made next time. But anyway, it is well worth it because this babe of mine was tried for the first time for this firework shoot. really looking forward for next year’s event.

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